About us

Vivian and Darren are the faces behind InnerActive Learning. We are promoting products in the exciting field of biofeedback especially relating to programs and equipment that can be used at home for low cost. With our focus on biofeedback and products relating to learning about relaxation and how we affect ourselves through breathing and thoughts, we have decided to take the name InnerActive Learning.

Darren has been a small business operator in Logan City south of Brisbane since 1987, first in manufacturing then in hire and rental and now in the sourcing, distribution and retailing of products such as Journey to Wild Divine.

Vivian has focused much of her life combining her interests in management hospitality and human resources both through her work and prolonged study at Griffith University gaining a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in those fields and now studying for a Bachelors degree in psychology.

In partnership together Darren and Vivian hope to raise awareness of how people can lessen the negative effects of stress and lead happier lives through easy to learn relaxation techniques.

We will be aiming at products that will help people to improve their quality of life through beauty, health and wholeness. We will market these products with a constant eye on trying to maintain a balance between walking gently and supplying the needs of the local community. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to improve our services to you.