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Journey To Eagle Mountain

Your relaxing breath and calm mind allows you to soar as a Golden Eagle across the epic, mysterious landscape that is Eagle Mountain. Teeming with wildlife, breathtaking vistas, and shrouded in mystery, Eagle Mountain holds a lost secret, which is closely guarded by a blind monk named Tenzin. This collection of ancient wisdom is lost, and Tenzin needs your help.

Your goal: Restore Tenzin's lost treasure

Using the power of your breath and calm, your Iom allows you to explore this magical landscape, and unlock the secrets hidden deep within the virgin wilderness of Eagle Mountain. With Nawang Khechog as your guide and mentor, you will help Tenzin restore an invaluable treasure that only he can reveal to you.

Journey to Eagle Mountain: The Seeker Detail

Fly free across an epic landscape, and seek wildlife
Wildlife give you the ability to access useful items
Collect items, and use them to open sealed chests
Sealed chests contains part of Tenzin's lost treasure
Return to visit Tenzin, and he will reward you
Just soaring around Eagle Mountain is relaxing.
Fully Mac and PC Compatible

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Software only hardware not included

Price: $119.95