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Zen Journey with Zen Master Nissim Amon

Authentic Zen

A Zen Journey is authentic Zen training with a real Zen Master. You're not going to be able to just listen and be passive. The Iom will detect the quality of your meditations, and you won't advance until the Zen Master is satisfied you are making suitable progress towards the next robe. (Includes Extra Easy setting for beginners)

The Zen Journey Experience
•Guided Meditations with the Zen Master
•The Zen Master's riveting 5-part story of Buddha
•Zen stories re-inforce the teachings & training
•When ready, the Master delivers your "Robe Talk"
•Highly customizable, Infinitely replayable
•A rich, rewarding, authentic Zen experience

Exciting new "Intelligent Guide" in Zen Journey

Unique to Zen Journey is the "Intelligent Guide". During key meditation sessions guided by Master Amon, your Iom will detect whether your mind is wandering or distracted from the teaching, and this will trigger the Master to give you helpful guidance. If you are doing well, the Master may reward you with positive feedback.
Fully Mac and PC Compatible

YouTube Video:

Software only hardware not included.

Price: $119.95