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Villa Serena

Restore Villa Serena. Restore your Peace of Mind.

Much like our own minds, Villa Serena was once a stunningly beautiful and peaceful retreat with a sparkling pool of rainwater where visitors could relax, refresh, and recover from the worries and stresses of everyday life. However, just like our own minds, over the years, what made it peaceful and serene has been neglected and forgotten, and has fallen into a state of disrepair.

A "Home Improvement Project" for your mind

When you first visit Villa Serena, you'll notice there is no one present in this enclosed space, away from the distractions of the outside world. You are alone, challenging you to be present with yourself. No mentor. No guidance. Just you and your mind, breath, and your thoughts. Your mind will race, thoughts will come. But you'll find calm in the gaps between the thoughts.

Begin the Restoration Process

Begin with your breath. Slow, regular breathing to calm the mind. You'll notice the thoughts slow down as you manifest repairs in this beautiful Villa. As the former glory begins to emerge from the rubble, you'll notice your mind begins to re-capture its peaceful state, maybe a little smile as a creative thought or pleasant memory emerges from the gaps you've created for yourself.

Villa Serena Detail

Repair and restore everything from floors to walls
The power of your breath & calm is your toolset
Adjust settings & difficulty to suit your needs
Once the repairs are done, relax to summon the rain
After filling the pool, a glorious starry night appears
The peace of Villa Serena is your peace of mind

Fully Mac and PC Compatible

YouTube Demo video:

Software only hardware not included

Price: $49.95