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Alive Home with iFeel sensor

iFeel Sensor
Comfortable and Easy to Use Finger and Ear Sensors
Strong, Durable Design
Built-in Display Shows SpO2 and Average Heart Rate (allows you to monitor heart rate and SpO2 when not by a computer)
Bluetooth Wireless Connection (requires a computer with Bluetooth)
Android Apps Available
Includes USB Cable to Charge Battery
Runs for More Than 8 Hours On a Single Charge

Alive training program features;
Better stress control & peak performance at your fingertips
Experience a whole new level of stress control & relaxation: The Alive Comprehensive Training Environment.
Alive is a biofeedback-based platform of beautiful audio & video games, workshops, environments, and more, all designed to teach you to use the power of your mind to beat stress and build better mental performance at home, school, and on the job.
The numerous Alive games, workshops, and environments connect with people of all ages and walks of life, providing variety and interest at every turn.
To help you reach your goals quickly, Alive gives you more than just the robust suite of specialized software. Alive includes:
- A virtual Coach to act as your own personal trainer, motivating you and tracking your progress.
- A User Guide full of exclusive, off-screen techniques and programs you can use to get the most from Alive.

The Alive Coach

Diagnostics, educational resources, progress tracking, and a virtual coach to teach you techniques for breathing to lower and smooth heart rate, how to interpret your body data, and to suggest a program for meeting your goals.

As you play the Alive Games and explore the Environments, the Coach stays with you throughout the entire experience, evaluating your progress, and helping you maximize the effectiveness of Alive, suggesting alternative programs and approaches as you play.

Alive Games
The most fun part of Alive. Includes Dual Drive Pro Manual, Dual Drive Pro Autopilot, and an assortment of Alive Mini Games, including:

Dream House - Build a dream house from the ground up, beginning in the morning and finishing by parking your car in the new garage at sundown.
Green Thumb - Make a gorgeous hyacinth bloom and wow you with its showy ultramarine flowers
Four Seasons - Propel a natural scene through all four seasons, enjoying spring showers, lush summer foliage, fall thunderstorms and the bare beauty of winter.
Alien Shuttle - Complete your alien mission by finding your way to the docking station in the mothership.
Night Flight - Enjoy navigating through a twinkling and busy cityscape.
Download Free Demo

(This download is 1.4 Gb and requires finger sensors and hardware.)

Mimimum System Requirements:
-Alive Biofeedback Hardware
-Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 operating system
-2.0 GHz Processor
-128 Mb OpenGL Video Card
-CD-Rom Drive
-3 GB of Disk Space
-Internet connection recommended (enables updates and community features)

Price: $370.00 $275.00