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Anna Coy’s - The Whole Body Breathing Series

The Whole-Body Breathing™ Series

This program is designed to help you learn to breathe correctly, all day, every day. You simply lay down for twenty-five minutes and Anna Coy guides you into a deep state of relaxation. Then you are instructed step by step on how to open your body and expand fully, utilizing all the muscles of your respiratory system. You retrain the muscles of your body to move correctly with breath. After a few sessions your body knows what to do and you can practice any time, anywhere to receive the many benefits while sustaining a calm relaxed state of being. As a practical tool, when you are going through your day and feel frazzled you can choose to take a few deep breaths and instantly reduce stress, stimulate a chemical reaction that relaxes your nervous system and become more objective and peaceful. Each CD has an additional half-hour bonus track of meditation music.

Anna makes a unique contribution. Her warm and loving spirit shines through these high quality and very effective CDs. The accompanying booklet explains how and why they work, and helps you to maximize their use.” Dr. Hyla Cass, Author, Natural Highs & Eight Weeks to Vibrant Health

"I have been practicing breath work for thirty years. I listened to Anna's CDs and I loved them." Michael Sky, Author, Breathing

The Whole-Body Breathing™ Series Includes

CD # 1 Relax and Breathe Learn to how to breathe deeply and teach your body to fully relax. Stimulate the release of hormones and endorphins that make you feel calm and centered. You will remember how good it feels to relax from the inside out as your parasympathetic nervous system takes over and your whole body lets go of stored tension.

CD # 2 Breathe For Healing Increase your body's oxygen intake, expand your rib cage, engage the diaphragm and enjoy the healing benefits. Help your body improve its natural process of detoxification, access vital energy and learn to use your body's healing powers. You will create associations and feelings that help your body adapt to a greater state of health.

CD # 3 Breathe for Your Heart Breathe from the lower abdomen into your heart and connect to the life force that travels throughout your entire body. Open up and begin feeling more love for yourself and in all your relationships. Learn to relax the muscles of your neck and shoulders and most importantly, learn how to access, hear and communicate with your heart's guiding voice.

CD # 4 Breathe Your Spirit The whole body breathes. You will feel breath circulating through your entire being and create a flow of life force that is anchored in your pelvis, goes down through the legs and all the way up into your sinus cavities and brain. This CD takes you on a journey of identifying, making space for and reclaiming your Soul so that you can know your gifts and be all that you truly are. You deserve a big life.

Breathe for the Health of It Booklet With this simple, easy to read booklet you will learn everything you need to know about breathing properly including the science, biology and anatomy of breath. Also, learn why and how it affects you on every level of your life and how to apply deep breathing during times of stress, conflict and when making decisions. You will understand how to instantly change your body’s chemical responses and instigate feelings of peacefulness. Discover how intention, breathing and feeling changes your body, brings you greater perspective, more objective options and ultimately helps you create an enjoyable and relaxed lifestyle.

Price: $79.95